Jonathan Eckstein's Business Decision Analytics under Uncertainty Classes 33:136:400:01/02
(Spring 2018)

This site is for both Spring 2018 sections of the course.  The Fall 2017 version and earlier versions are also available.

Announcements (As of March 18, 2018 07:44 PM)

Usual Office Hour Schedule

My office is 100 Rockafeller Road, room 5145.   Office hours are tentatively scheduled for

This schedule is subject to change.  Changes will be announced above.  You may also make appointments if regularly scheduled office hours conflict with your class schedule.

Handouts and Class Materials

  1. Wednesday, January 17:  Introduction,  procedures, syllabus, introduction to decision making under uncertainty
  2. Monday, January 22:  Introduction to decision trees, probability review
  3. Wednesday, January 24:   Conditional probability and Bayes' formula
  4. Monday, January 29:  More Bayes analysis and decision trees, start revisiting non-EMV decision making
  5. Wednesday, January 31:  Class canceled for medical reasons
  6. Monday, February 5:  Critical fractile analysis
  7. Wednesday, February 7:  Critical fractile case study
  8. Monday, February 12:  Introduction to deterministic dynamic programming -- shortest path problems
  9. Wednesday, February 14:  Review for first midterm exam
  10. Monday, February 19:  First midterm exam
  11. Wednesday, February 21:  More deterministic dynamic programming: knapsack and inventory
  12. Monday, February 26:  Go over results of first exam, start Python primer
  13. Wednesday, February 28:  Finish Python primer (NumPy), our first dynamic programming implementation in Python (deterministic inventory)
  14. Monday, March 5:  More deterministic dynamic programming in Python
  15. smoothicon,snowflake Wednesday, March 7:  Class canceled by university due to weather
  16. Monday, March 19:  Introducing stochastic dynamic programming -- inventory

 Homework Solutions

All solutions will be posted on Blackboard and require a password.  Look under "Course documents" and then the "Homework solutions" folder.  The files are in PDF format unless otherwise specified.