Business Decision Analytics under Uncertainty (33:136:400) 
Professor Eckstein

Instructions for Standard Printouts of YASAI Simulation Models

For homework assignments involving Monte Carlo simulation, I will ask for "standard printouts" of your YASAI simulation models.  For each YASAI homework problem, you should hand in such standard printouts, consisting of three sheets.

The first sheet you need to hand in is a values printout of your spreadsheet, showing your model as it normally appears on the screen.  Note that the numbers shown on this printout reflect the outcome of a single recalculation of the spreadsheet, that is, a sample of size 1.  That means it doesn't tell you what the best answer is, the way the values printout does for an optimization model -- it's just a single possible realization of what might happen.  For that reason, this sheet is the least important of the three.

The next sheet you need to hand in is a formulas printout of your spreadsheet model, with each cell showing a formula rather than a value.  You can set a sheet to display formulas rather than values by holding down the "Ctrl" key and typing the " ~ " key (just to the left of the "1" key on most standard keyboards).  Typing Ctrl-~ again switches the sheet back to values display mode.  On your formula sheet, please adjust the width of each column so that every formula is fully visible (if you have columns that contain blank space, you may also make them narrower to to allow Excel to use a larger font when printing).

For simulations that contain large numbers of similar rows, it is OK to omit the repetitive rows from the values and formulas sheets by truncating the printout or using the "hide rows" command ( Home->Format->Hide & Unhide->Hide Rows).  

Both the values and formulas printout sheets must have row and column headings (A, B, C, ... along the top and 1, 2, 3, ... along the side)  To enable printout of these headings use Page Layout->Page Setup->Sheet.  It is also helpful to enable display of gridlines in the same dialog box.

The third required sheet is the YASAI simulation output report for your model.  You may omit all the information to the right of "standard deviation".  There are two possible ways to accomplish this:

To the output report printout, you should add annotations indicating the answer to whatever questions were posed in the homework problem.  These annotations written in by hand or created in Excel.  An example annotation: "Scenario 5 has the highest average profit, and corresponds to a stocking level of 75."

Please make an effort to fit each of these three sheets on a single printout page.  Use the page setup feature under "Page Layout" to set landscape or portrait format (whichever makes the most efficient use of space) and use set the "scaling" options to fit each printout on a single page.  If the result has an unreadably tiny font even after you adjust all the column widths, you may use more pages, but try to use as few as possible.

Note that, due to the random nature of these simulations, it is possible for two people with correct solutions to get slightly differing answers for things like average profit or average cost.  Generally, however, you should get the same choice for the optimal strategy unless there are two choices that are very close in average profit/cost.

Points will be deducted if you fail to follow these guidelines.