Management Information Systems (33:623:370) 
Professor Eckstein
Project Teams In-Class Exercise

You are keeping track of employees in your company and their involvement in project teams. For each employee, you want to keep track of a first name, middle initial, last name, address information, home phone number, office extension phone, and e-mail address. Each employee is a member of a single "department" (such as "R&D" or "operations"). For each department, you want to store a name, description, and mission statement. Each employee is also housed at a single location. Each location has name, main phone number, and address information.

Project teams are groups of employees tasked with coordinating certain projects within the company; each one has a name, a description, and a date formed. Each project team may have multiple members, and there is nothing to prevent an employee from being a member of multiple project teams. There are two levels of membership in a project team, "regular" and "principal". "Principal" members are expected to play a leadership role, but many teams have more than one "principal" member.  An employee may take a principal role in one team and a regular role on another team.

All address information consists of an address, city, state, and zip code. Assume that you do have access to a zip code table.

Draw an entity-relationship diagram and write a design outline of a database able to track all this information.