Management Information Systems (33:136:370) 
Spring 2016, Professor Eckstein
Assignment 11

Due: Friday, April 29


Q1.   Problem 10 of draft chapter 9 (normalizing an ad-placement table).  Place the database in third normal form, draw an entity-relationship diagram, and write a database outline.  Do not create synthetic keys.  (This problem is to give you practice with relatively simple normalization operations.)

For each part of each remaining problem, paste your SQL code and query results into an MS Word document.  Hand in a printout of the entire Word document.  

Q2.  Problem 5 (a)-(d) of draft chapter 12 (SQL queries with a unary relationship).  You do not have to do part (e).

Q3.  Problem 2 of draft chapter 11 (outer joins and query chaining with the conference database).  For part (c), which involves writing two queries chained together, show the SQL for both queries, but only the output of the second query (at the end of the chain).