Management Information Systems (33:136:370) 
Spring 2016, Professor Eckstein
Assignment 5

Due: Friday, February 26

For this homework, you will hand in the solution to Q1 and Q2(a) on paper.  For the remainder of Q2, you will submit an Access file directly to Sakai.

Q1.   Problem 21 of draft chapter 4 (the restaurant health inspection office).   Design a database to store this information, taking care not to waste 255 blank characters of storage to describe violations for "pass" inspections.  Draw an entity-relationship diagram and write a database design outline.  Assume that you do not have a zip code table available.

Q2.  Problem 2 of draft chapter 6 (the motorcycle dealership).  Assume that you do want your design to include a separate zip-code table.  For part (a), draw an entity-relationship diagram and write a database outline.  For parts (b)-(i), simply submit your finished Access file to Sakai, under the "Assignments 2" tab, and "Assignment 5 Access File".