Management Information Systems (33:136:370) 
Spring 2016, Professor Eckstein
Assignment 8

Due: Friday, April 1


Q1.   Problem 2 of draft chapter 8 (phone call logs).  Draw an entity-relationship diagram and write a database design outline.    

Q2.  Problem 6 of draft chapter 9 (temporary employment agency records).  You may add synthetic keys if you wish, but it is also possible avoid them.

Q3.  Problem 2 of draft chapter 10 (simple queries on the conference database).  For each query, paste the SQL code you wrote into an MS Word document, followed by the output of the query.  You may paste the query results by clicking in the left top corner of the query results to select the entire query output, then giving the "cut" command, and then pasting the result into your MS Word below your SQL code.

Q4.  Problem 4 of draft chapter 10 (simple queries of the conference database, with filtering conditions).  Paste your SQL code and query results into an MS Word document in the same manner as the preceeding question.