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Jonathan Eckstein's Management Information Systems (MIS) Sections 33:136:370:03/04

This page is for my Spring 2016 classes.  Click here for my Fall 2015 or earlier classes.

Announcements (As of May 12, 2016 03:45 PM)

Usual Office Hour Schedule

My office is 100 Rockafeller Road, room 5145.  Regular office hours were:

Check the announcements section above for office hour changes, extensions, additions, and cancellations.

Handouts, Class Materials, and Assignments

Note that all lecture notes, draft chapters, and homework solutions are stored on Sakai and require a Rutgers NetID login.

  1. Tuesday, January 19.  Introduction, class procedures, IT basics
  2. Friday, January 22.  Some basic elements of relational databases and MS Access; MS Access tables and forms
  3. Tuesday, January 26.  Reports, introduction to queries, and review of forms
  4. Friday, January 29.  Introduction to data management, difficulties with single-table databases
  5. Tuesday, February 2.  Database theory, ER diagrams, dependencies and dependency diagrams
  6. Friday, February 5.  Memory size calculations (substitute instructor)
  7. Tuesday, February 9.  Finish memory size calculations, zip codes, more database design
  8. Friday, February 12.  Multiple tables in Access, including forms and queries; queries with aggregation
  9. Tuesday, February 16.  Designs with multiple paths between tables, multiple tables in Access II, more on queries SQL
  10. Friday, February 19.  More on forms and navigation, subtypes
  11. Tuesday, February: 23.  General lecture on systems, networks, and "the Cloud"
  12. Friday, February 26.  Continue general lecture on networks
  13. Tuesday, March 1.  Midterm exam in BRR 5117
  14. Friday, March 4.  Many-to-many relationships
  15. Tuesday, March 8.  Review results of first midterm, more many-to-many relationship examples
  16. Friday, March 11.  Normal forms and normalization
  17. Tuesday, March 22.  Multiple relationships between the same pair of tables
  18. Friday, March 25.  Basic SQL part I
  19. Tuesday, March 29.  Basic SQL part II
  20. Friday, April 1.  Basic SQL part III
  21. Tuesday, April 5.  Basic SQL part IV
  22. Friday, April 8.  Review for midterm, multi-relationships in Access
  23. Tuesday, April 12.  Midterm exam in BRR 5117
  24. Friday, April 15.  Unary relationships (and possibly outer joins)
  25. Tuesday, April 19.  Review midterm, combining outer joins and aggregation
  26. Friday, April 22.  More unary-relationship queries, query chaining
  27. Tuesday, April 26.  Discuss format of final exam, acquisition and development (lecture)
  28. Friday, April 28.  Review for final exam
  29. Thursday, May 5, 12pm, room 5117 -- final exam for section 04 (TF noon section)
    Wednesday, May 11, 8am, room 5117 -- final exam for section 03 (TF morning section)


Homework Solutions

All homework solutions are on Sakai and require a Rutgers NetID login and a PDF reader.

  1. Solution to homework assignment 1 and finished histbooks.accdb database
  2. Solution to homework assignment 2
  3. Solution to homework assignment 3 (with corrections uploaded 1pm February 18)
  4. Solution to homework assignment 4
  5. Solution to homework assignment 5
  6. Solution to homework assignment 6
  7. Solution to homework assignment 7
  8. Solution to homework assignment 8
  9. Solution to homework assignment 9
  10. Solution to homework assignment 10 (cut-and-paste error corrected 2pm 4/26/2016)
  11. Solution to homework assignment 11