Management Information Systems
Spring 2016

All class policies subject to change at instructor's discretion.

Quick Overview:

Course Content

Management Information Systems means using information technology -- computers and networks -- to help operate businesses and other organizations.  Of course, that is a very broad topic.  The heart of the course will be studying how to best organize business-related information in a computer system.  In particular, we will study relational databases, and how to design and use them.  I will give a lot of exercises on database design -- working from a verbal or written description of a situation, and deciding what computer data tables to use and how they should be interrelated.  "Hands-on" computer experience is also important, so we will learn to use Microsoft Access, relatively user-friendly relational database software that is part of the Microsoft Office software family.  Some of the homework will involve constructing databases and associated queries, forms (windows/screens), and reports using Access.  

Intermixed with the more technical relational database design and Microsoft Access topics I plan to cover some general lecture material on business information systems.  Apart from some basic arithmetic exercises calculating storage and data transfer time requirements, this largely declarative material will be tested via multiple-choice questions on some of the exams.  Based on the preliminary findings of an ongoing school-wide task force studying coverage of Microsoft Excel in the curriculum, it is possible that some of the general lecture material will be replaced with Microsoft-Excel-related material or some exercises with Microsoft Access pivot tables.  

General Information

Detailed Schedule

The following schedule is my current plan as to how we'll proceed through the semester; alterations are certainly possible, especially if the university cancels classes due to weather conditions.  Please check the course website for daily topics, readings, and homework assignments.  It is possible that this schedule may be amended to include material on Microsoft Excel and/or pivot tables.

Detailed Schedule, Subject to Change