Operations Management (33:623:386) 
Spring 2010, Professor Eckstein
Study Guide for Final Exam

The final exam will be essentially "cumulative".  It will cover all the material in the course except the graphical solution method for linear programs (class 3, September 9) and discrete-event simulation (class 27, April 27). 

Regarding the exam format:

The exam rules will be similar to the midterms, except that you are allowed two double-sided sheets of notes, still in your own handwriting only.  As before, you are allowed a calculator, although one should not be necessary. 

The following material should be helpful in studying for the exam:

The general format of the exam questions will be roughly similar to the final exam practice questions in the coursepack.  You will note that some of the final exam practice questions on linear and integer programming combine elements that we studied in different parts of the course.  For example, there might be a model with both blending (proportionality) constraints and binary variables.  The same thing could happen on some of the actual final exam questions.

All sections of the course will take the same exam at the same time.  The exam will be reviewed by all instructors to make sure it is appropriate for all the sections.  All instructors will grade the exam jointly.