Jonathan Eckstein's Operations Management Classes 33:623:386:06

This page is for my Spring 2010 class.

For my Fall 2009 class, click here.

For limited-distribution materials such as homework solutions, I am also using the Sakai website for this class.

Announcements (As of May 12, 2010 05:56 PM)

Usual Office Hour Schedule

My office is in the J. H. Levin building, room 255.   My usual office hour schedule is as follows:

I will depart from this schedule in special circumstances, as noted in the announcements section above. 

Handouts and Class Materials

Note: (CP xxx) means page xxx of the course pack.

Homework Solutions

Unless otherwise noted, solutions are in Adobe PDF format, and can be viewed with Adobe Reader.  This semester, all homework solutions will be stored on Sakai, requiring a login.  The links below direct you to resources within Sakai.