Homework Homework
Class # Date Topic Class Problems Given Due
1 19-Jan Tues Administrative details, overview, example LP Equipment bags    
2 21-Jan Thurs Excel review, solving LP's in Excel [In Lab] Equipment bags 1 (LP)  
3 26-Jan Tues Geometry of LP Equipment bags    
4 28-Jan Thurs Linear model rules, LP examples, SUMPRODUCT Diet 2 (LP/geometry) 1
5 2-Feb Tues LP examples (process/activity) Bicycle Wheels, Rylon Perfume    
6 4-Feb Thurs LP examples (dynamic & network structured) Pigskin, Gases 3 (LP) 2
7 9-Feb Tues LP examples (blending) Juice mixers, Chandler     
8 11-Feb Thurs LP examples (miscellaneous) Pickles, Investment 4 (LP) 3
9 16-Feb Tues LP examples (miscellaneous) ConMine, Car Seats    
10 18-Feb Thurs AON projects, crashing Project, Crash 5 (LP/project) 4
11 23-Feb Tues Start Integer Programming, Assignment InvestCo,  Plane Loading, Machinco    
12 25-Feb Thurs Assignment, 0/1 variable grids, Review for midterm Machinco, Milkem   5
13 2-Mar Tues First Midterm Topics: LP, project scheduling    
14 4-Mar Thurs Set covering, IP logic constraints Airline Hubs, SmallTime Airlines, Baseball Pitchers 6 (IP)  
15 9-Mar Tues Fixed charge models Gandy, Boilers    
16 11-Mar Thurs IP (complicated models) Hiring Students, HuntCo 7 (IP) 6
-- 16-Mar Tues No class -- Spring Break      
-- 18-Mar Thurs No class -- Spring Break      
17 23-Mar Tues Probability Concepts, Static Simulation Newsboy    
18 25-Mar Thurs Probability Concepts, Static Simulation  [In Lab] Translators 8 (IP) 7
19 30-Mar Tues Probability Concepts, Static Simulation Overbooking    
20 1-Apr Thurs 3-door Paradox, Probability Concepts, Simulating Continuous Variables 3-Door, Power Supply 9 (Simulation) 8
21 6-Apr Tues Central Limit Theorem Insurance    
22 8-Apr Thurs Dynamic Simulation Inventory   9
23 13-Apr Tues Second Midterm Topics: IP, Probability, Static Simulation    
24 15-Apr Thurs Dynamic Simulation Queue-like simulation (Repair Facility) 10 (Simulation)  
25 20-Apr Tues Dynamic Simulation Horses, Truck Bays    
26 22-Apr Thurs Dynamic Simulation, review for final Part replacement simulation 11 (Simulation) 10
27 27-Apr Tues More Simulation, Arena demo, review for final M/G/1 Queue, Arena Demo    
28 29-Apr Thurs Review for final (Practice Problems)   11
-- 10-May Mon Final Exam, 12 PM - 3 PM (room to be announced) Topics: cumulative -- entire course